Learn About Life in the U.S

You will receive Cultural Orientation before you travel to the United States and after you arrive. Cultural Orientation helps you acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to adapt to your life in the United States. The resources below provide key information on Cultural Orientation and life in the United States.

Learn about Life in the U.S.

Cultural Orientation is provided twice: by RSC staff before you depart for the United States, and by a Resettlement Agency after you arrive to the U.S.

Both the pre-departure and post-arrival Cultural Orientation are important and will help you thrive in your new environment. Cultural Orientation is provided with interpretation services and is offered to refugee newcomers in group classroom settings or, if necessary, on a one-on-one basis in certain locations.

Cultural Orientation is designed to help you become self-sufficient more quickly. The resources and information below provide information on Cultural Orientation and Life in the United States.

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