Arrival When you arrive at your final destination in the United States, a representative of the Resettlement Agency will meet you at the airport. A Resettlement Agency is a non-profit organization that has a formal agreement with the United States Government to work in partnership to assist refugees who come to the United States through […]


Travel At this point, the RSC will coordinate with the International Organization for Migration, or IOM, to schedule your flight to the United States. Your family is eligible to receive a loan to pay for your travel to the United States. Family members over 18 years of age each receive their own loan. Learn more […]

Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientation At some point before your departure to the United States, the Resettlement Support Center will also schedule you to attend a Cultural Orientation class where you will receive valuable information about your journey to the United States and what to expect when you arrive. Learn more about Cultural Orientation below. Back to all […]

Medical Screening

Medical Screening If your case moves forward, you and each family member on your case will be scheduled for a mandatory medical examination. Medical Screenings are intended to ensure that you meet the medical requirements for entering the United States, are fit to travel, receive appropriate medical assistance when required, and do not pose a hazard […]

USCIS Interview

USCIS Interview If your case passes through the initial security screening, you will be contacted by the RSC and scheduled for an interview conducted by specially trained United States Government officers from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, which is a division of the United States Department of Homeland Security, or DHS. […]

Prescreening Interview

Prescreening Interview After you have been referred for consideration for resettlement in the United States, you will be contacted to attend a prescreening interview by a Resettlement Support Center, or RSC, nearest you. The United States Government funds non-governmental organizations to operate the RSCs. Learn more about the Prescreening Interview below. Back to all topics […]