Avoid Fraud

The USRAP operates in safe space environments. All staff are here to help you and believe in equal rights for all. If you are persecuted for your beliefs, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, you can tell USRAP staff. Learn more about Avoiding and Reporting Fraud, and Safe Spaces below.

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Maintaining the integrity of the USRAP is critical. RSCs play a key role in ensuring that integrity and in guarding against internal wrongdoing in the processing of refugee cases for resettlement. All resettlement processing services are free of charge. At no time in the process should anyone from RSCs, Resettlement Agencies, medical clinics, NGOs, UNHCR, or the United States government request payment from you for any resettlement services. If anyone asks you for money, forces you to make an application, claims to be able to intervene for you or expedite your application, asks for sexual favors or favors of any kind, or threatens you in any way, please inform your RSC. Information about reporting misconduct will be provided to you during your first interview.

Avoid Fraud
Avoid Fraud

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