Safe Space

The USRAP operates in safe space environments. All staff are here to help you and believe in equal rights for all. If you are persecuted for your beliefs, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, you can tell USRAP staff. Learn more about Avoiding and Reporting Fraud, and Safe Spaces below.

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The USRAP serves and protects refugees regardless of their nationality, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We are aware that you may have experienced trauma in your life and may have been a victim of torture, gender-based violence or other human rights violations. It is safe to speak about your experiences with your caseworker or with a supervisor at any time. Staff will always treat your information with strict confidentiality.

If you and a same-sex spouse wish to resettle to the United States together, you may do so provided that you and your spouse are legally married. In general, the law of the place where the marriage took place will determine whether your marriage is valid for immigration purposes. Same-sex partners who are not married but who are qualified to access the USRAP may have their cases cross-referenced so that they can be interviewed at the same time and, if approved by USCIS, resettled in the same geographic area in the United States.

Safe Space
Safe Space

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