The United States Reception and Placement Program

When you arrive at your final destination in the United States, representatives of a resettlement office (or your US-based relative, if you have one) will meet you at the airport to welcome you. You will be transported to safe and sanitary housing pre-arranged for you and your family. Learn more below.

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Reception and Placement Overview

The housing will contain basic furniture, household items, and an initial supply of food. Soon after arrival, you will meet with resettlement agency staff. The resettlement office will provide you with Reception and Placement services and connect you with other community services during your first 30 to 90 days in the United States. The resettlement office staff is there to help you and will be your main point of contact. The staff will help address your immediate needs.

Don’t worry if you cannot communicate in English because interpretation for all required services will be provided, as needed. Every adult in your family will be given a small amount of money for personal spending. You will also be provided with food or a food allowance according to your family size. Staff will help you apply for a Social Security card, which is necessary to obtain employment and other benefits in the United States.

They will help you enroll in employment services that will assist you in your job search. Finding, getting, and keeping a job will be important to your family’s future and well-being. Employment is the fastest way to self-sufficiency and is necessary for success. Schooling for all children is mandatory in the United States. You will be assisted to register your children in a public school, which is free. If you and your family do not speak English, the resettlement office staff will help you find and enroll in an English language class.

They will assist you and your family to obtain an initial health screening and they will explain how you can access and pay for health services when you need them. They will also help you apply for health insurance if it is not offered through your employer, or for government health coverage if you are eligible.

The resettlement office will provide Cultural Orientation which will build on the Cultural Orientation you attended at the Resettlement Support Center. This Cultural Orientation will help you learn more about your new community. From the time you arrive in the United States, you are protected by the same laws that protect all United States residents.

You will learn about your rights and responsibilities as a legal resident and how to access help if you need it. During the initial 30-to-90 day Reception and Placement period, the resettlement staff will work with you to develop and implement a plan to help you achieve self-sufficiency. If additional assistance is required beyond the first 30 to 90 days, they will connect you to other community or government services.

Reception and Placement Overview
Reception and Placement Overview

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