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Recently resettled refugees learn English at the IRC in Atlanta. Refugees are resettled with the help of the IRC, one of UNHCR's largest implementing partners. The IRC works with UNHCR in the U.S. to raise awareness and support for refugee resettlement as a life-saving program for refugees who have been forced to flee war, political oppression or religious persecution. Since 1979, the IRC in Atlanta has provided essential services to refugees to assist them in rebuilding their lives. They have resettled over 20,000 refugees from 50 countries. Refugees are provided with housing and  services such as registering  children in school, obtaining social security cards, providing clothing, cultural orientation, and assistance in finding employment during the first months following their arrival. More than 80% of clients resettled by the IRC in Atlanta are employed and self-sufficient within six months of arrival. The IRC offers education to over 500 adults each year in intensive English, cultural and employment orientations, computer literacy, and life skills.  .
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